Growth is a teamsport

To achieve growth, we combine 4 fundamental disciplines to unlock full business potential. Each discipline shown here can be applied to a business to help improve its health and longevity. Combining the 4 disciplines gives the most effective way of doing so, cementing the path to sustained growth.
Design &

Data-driven marketing

Data is competitive edge, so let’s unlock it together. Using the latest tools, tactics and methodologies gives you the power to create the content your audience likes. This allows you to reach then at the right time, place, and continuously acquire key audience insights. All this with limiting external expenses and maximizing revenue.

Development & Ecommerce

We build e-commerce platforms, websites, and landing pages that increase conversion thanks to the strong experience in web experiments our growth team has. The tech team is specialized in both front- and back-end development. Additionally, we are highly experienced in e-commerce websites and the integration with your business IT and partners. Once we begin the relationship with our partners, we make sure that the website is well maintained and updated in order to ensure its health and longevity.

Design & Production

Experts in film, animation, design, and branding constitute our award-winning content production team. The care we put into each single phase of production demonstrates the quality of our work: for instance, once the growth hackers have decided which experiments to follow, the designing team is informed in order to deliver appropriate content. A steady stream of content on whatever platform you need it for will ensure conversion and audience interaction, as well as stronger branding.


It’s here, and it’s not going away. Using A.I., machine Learning makes your business stand out and smarter than any other human being or competitor. We create algorithms that make digital marketers the next rockstars of any organization.

What services does Refreshworks provide?

We work in a retainer-model and on project-basis. Our method is divided into three phases. First, we establish a comprehensive workflow that begins with first-, second-, and third-party data research. We use growth hacking techniques to design a key-word strategy for the future year while also recognizing low-hanging fruit. We approach each project by offering a list of tailored experiments, which we then rank using an ICE system to determine their priority. The ultimate purpose of this phase is to establish a winning approach that results in an increase in conversions and traffic based on the research findings. The second phase is mainly focused on the UX/UI and user-friendliness of the digital product at stake. We first conduct usability research which is a method to test the functionality of a website (or a digital product) via brief interviews in which participants are asked to emphasize what they believe is unclear or user-unfriendly. Based on the results of the usability test and the data previously gathered our designing team designs wireframes, redefines the menu and information structure and the different website tabs. Finally, during the third phase we proceed with growth experimentation. Namely, we offer services like SEO strategy, content creation aiming to optimize, channel experimentation.

How are the phases set up?

Phase 1 takes about a month, phase 2 takes one to three months, and phase 3 lasts the duration of the collaboration because it involves constant updates and optimizations. Check out the phases for additional information in the section

What disciplines are in house?

We offer a full range of production and tech services. Our creative team is specialized into branding, designing, animation and video making. To know more about the portfolio we offer as a in-house production agency, take a look here. Thanks to our technical team, we can offer excellent development services. This enables us to offer you not only a strong initial web and e-commerce development, but also scheduled and frequent updates tailored to your needs.

What is the duration of a collaboration?

A collaboration normally lasts between three and six months. We prefer to work with you for at least 6-10 months in order to observe noticeable results. Due to the length of time that growth can take, we encourage a more long-term cooperation to achieve the best results. In fact, the projected time to see concrete results is frequently longer, especially for performance marketing and the building of a new infrastructure for digital presence. Naturally, the timing is determined on the pirate funnel and the stage at which you want us to operate.

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