How to get the best out of your LinkedIn

Founded in 2003, LinkedIn counts more than 700 million users in 200 countries. Differently from the other mainstream social media, LinkedIn has a very specific goal and target: professionals. It can therefore be an extremely useful tool to establish your leadership in the professional field.
As an agency we often received the question: “how can I get the most out of my LinkedIn?” We decided to answer in a thorough manner and give you some golden rules to grow your personal LinkedIn profile.
First (and foremost) always keep in mind that LinkedIn is not Facebook or Instagram. You don’t need this platform to have many connections or boost your social life. LinkedIn is solely addressed to professionals, so add the connections that are relevant and valuable for your career or working ambition, and try to stick to business related content. While it’s fine to share a (silly) update about your work experience, we discourage you from spamming your connections’ homepages with irrelevant posts about your vacation.
Second, your personal goals are the foundation of your strategy. Make it clear what you want to accomplish.
  • Do you need to find work? Then use an “Open to work” label.
  • To network with people in your field? Join specific industry groups. 
  • Perhaps to share your knowledge? Or to establish yourself as an industry leader? Publish regular content and use the article function.
Keep in mind that these are all possible goals that can be achieved through various approaches, so be clear and go for it!
Third, give your articles some thought. Publish different lengths and include hashtags and external links. It will be appreciated by the LinkedIn algorithm. Remember, it’s not how many times a week you publish your content that matters, but how consistent you are. If you cannot afford to publish more than once a week due to a lack of time, that is fine; however, try to maintain consistency in your choice because you will accustom your audience to this rhythm.
Fourth, be an active LinkedIn user and post status updates. Make sure to comment on and react to posts that are relevant to your interests, as well as engaging with people who leave comments on your own posts. This will enhance your network and visibility in the space.
Last (but not least), Keep your profile up to date and structured. Make sure your name is visible, and always include a photo of yourself. Make your profile easily identifiable by including a clear title and headline: your connections should recognize your profile the moment they see it. You can use portfolio links to draw attention to a specific section of your page, and you can optimize your profile with SEO research.
Do you tick all the boxes? Have you tried any new LinkedIn growth strategies? Then please share it with us!

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