How to build your buyer persona in four steps

What is a marketing persona?
When talking about “buyer personas” in marketing we refer to an ideal customer for a business. Identifying what an average persona looks like, means for a business determining a winning marketing strategy. Once a marketer identifies the ideal persona, it is easy to retrieve the common needs and bring them at the forefront of planning. Knowing what an average customer likes means catching the attention of more potential customers belonging to the interested target audience.
How can you develop a persona?

Research highlights multiple ways of doing it. Overall, the procedure consists of a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. Based on the data it is possible to then draft a persona and socialize it. 

At Refreshworks though we have our very own way of doing it, and that’s what we are sharing here!

Refreshworks’ Buyer Persona

Before starting, it is important to underline that our persona’s development is achieved by using two different tools: crystal knows and 16 personalities. If you have never heard of these tools then go take a look! 

Let’s now dive into the subject of this article. How can you build a buyer persona in only 4 steps?

  1. Gather all the possible information about the people who are engaged in social media of clients and their clientele: monitor the social media profiles of the clients and manually hunt for Facebook and Linkedin followers, people who post reactions, write comments etc. 
  2. Do the same with the pages of their biggest competitors.
  3. Find all the fitting people on LinkedIn and scan them through the Crystal Knows extension. By studying the retrieved data you will notice that generally the profiles gathered on LinkedIn belong to the same side of the disc or even have precisely identical psycho types. Usually identical persona profile can be found in similar businesses and career positions.
  4. Compare the results with the app of 16 personalities and find profiles that are more or less similar to your drafted personas. The tool provides detailed descriptions for each personality, which will help you get a thorough understanding of the customers.
You now have your buyer persona, and you are ready to build your marketing strategy!

Once you have your persona, it’s easy to proceed. If you want to know how to continue your research, stay tuned for our next articles! And of course, if you have any questions feel free to drop us a message, Refreshworks is happy to help.

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