WebSummit x Refreshworks

Team Refreshworks gaat naar de Web Summit in Lissabon Eindelijk, na 3 jaar zal Refreshworks wederom aanwezig zijn op de Web Summit in Lissabon. Met ons volledige team zullen we op 1 november vertekken om ons een mid-week onder te dompelen in de wereld van tech. Wat is Web Summit?Web Summit is een event op […]

NIMA Marketing Day

Afgelopen maand mocht Refreshworks aanwezig zijn als sponsor bij NIMA Marketing Day. Hét marketingevent van Nederland! Met veel enthousiasme blikken we terug op een waanzinnige dag, bomvol informatie over alles met betrekking tot marketing. Van like-minded marketing professionals tot sprekers van verschillende topmerken en toonaangevende sponsors. NIMA Marketing Day: hét event voor en door marketeersDeFabrique […]

NIMA Marketing Day x Refreshworks

We are thrilled to announce that Refreshworks is attending NIMA Marketing Day as a sponsor of the event! June 16th, Utrecht: NIMA and MarketingTribune organise the 6th edition of NIMA Marketing Day for everybody living and breathing marketing. What is this event about? The Netherlands’ marketing festival, featuring marketing experts and entrepreneurs. True and honest stories about real […]

Playgrounds x Refreshworks

Visiting the Playgrounds at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven is an adventure every creative in the film or animation field needs to experience to get motivated and inspired by what industry-leading artists are doing. Our film and animation teams at Refreshworks were super psyched to experience the 3rd edition of Playgrounds The Art Department conference. There […]

Refreshworks got investment!

Exciting times at Refreshworks – We’re happy to announce that we signed with Simon Neefjes and Wim Hekstra, our newest investors! After months of meetings, discussions, and paperwork, it can be made official: we’ve made a growth leap. We’ve been operating for over 9 years in The Netherlands. We started as a motion graphics studio […]

Come and discover the ins and outs of Refreshworks.

That’s right, we’re taking you behind the scenes of some of our most rewarding and challenging projects and, we must say, it is a mix of sugar, spice, and everything nice. We’re in the business of helping others grow. Isn’t this the overarching purpose of our existence here on Earth? We do believe so. But […]

Why Having A Data-Driven Culture Is A Game Changer

In a recent study by PWC which covered 31 European countries, it was revealed that 65% of business leaders surveyed recognise that digitalisation will have a high impact on the long-term viability of their businesses. “The report findings suggest that many company leaders see digitalisation as a technical fix to solve specific issues in areas […]

What Is A Growth Experiment?

It’s no secret that buzzwords get tossed around in the marketing field like hotcakes. Every now and then things change and marketers all around get hyped. Growth hacking has been around for some time and it’s high time your marketing team embraces its power. Every business wants to grow, and with all the data being […]

Here’s a short but sweet deep dive to email automation

In our recent blog, 5 Growth Trends to Watch in 2020, we shared the trends we find are most crucial to focus on this year. With companies shifting away from spending big advertising budgets on campaigns that are difficult to track, there is a growing need for more information on how to efficiently spend budgets […]

5 Growth Pillars to Utilize in 2020

Q1 2020 is almost done, and we at Refreshworks take a look back at last December, where we hosted an awesome growth hacking event in The Hague. The event welcomed Jean Bonnefant from Growth Tribe who gave a session on the growth mindset and also participated in a panel alongside Lisanne Sanders from Inner Circle, […]