5 social media trends to keep in mind in 2022

Social media has become the backbone of online marketing. Depending on the target audience and the goal that brands want to achieve, social media can be a core part of their strategy. As a result, we wanted to highlight the top 5 trends you should know to develop a successful social media strategy. Here we […]

How to get the best out of your LinkedIn

Founded in 2003, LinkedIn counts more than 700 million users in 200 countries. Differently from the other mainstream social media, LinkedIn has a very specific goal and target: professionals. It can therefore be an extremely useful tool to establish your leadership in the professional field. As an agency we often received the question: “how can […]

Why adopting a multichannel strategy

What is multichannel marketing? Multichannel marketing is a marketing strategy in which marketers use a mix of channels and ways to get their message out to their target audience. These channels can be anything from a storefront to a website to a text messaging app. Interesting stats to keep in mind 72% of consumers say […]

What happened to Google Analytics

An overview of the problem regarding Google Analytics Analytics are an important part of running a website, and Google Analytics has been a favorite solution for marketers for a long time because it has a lot of useful tools and it is easy to set up. Now, after more than a decade, Google Analytics as […]

How can mindset affect entrepreneurship?

Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset Have you ever wanted to sing but lacked the natural talent? And what did you do then? Did you give up because you thought you couldn’t sing, or did you persevere and trained your skills? Depending on which of the two choices you made you have a fixed or a […]

Short introduction to usability testing

Usability testing is a qualitative research step that involves real people interacting with an app or website that you have built or need to update. It’s a method to test the functionality of a website (or a digital product) via brief interviews in which participants are asked to emphasize what they believe is unclear or […]

The new interactive ad functions of Twitter

How is Twitter entering the advertisement space? Twitter is considered a leading social media platform globally. By July 2021, 8.8% of the world’s overall social media user base was owned by Twitter. It should come as no surprise, then, that in order to keep all users engaged, the platform strives to stay current and interactive. […]

How to build your buyer persona in four steps

What is a marketing persona? When talking about “buyer personas” in marketing we refer to an ideal customer for a business. Identifying what an average persona looks like, means for a business determining a winning marketing strategy. Once a marketer identifies the ideal persona, it is easy to retrieve the common needs and bring them […]

Short guide through A.I. Recruitment Tools

What is an Automated Recruitment Tool? Introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms in the recruitment field can help recruiters unbiased decisions and avoid prejudices by blind screening candidates. Machine learning can learn to shortlist your perfect applicant and automate manual activities in the recruitment process. Of course each tool has its own characteristics and aims, but […]

Blockchain and advertising: how can this technology impact digital marketing

Why do we need blockchain technology? The digital advertising landscape is always evolving. Consumers expect marketers to do more to protect their data and privacy as they try to find new ways to reach their target audience and enhance conversions. The whole scandal of third-party cookies is a perfect example of how privacy concerns are […]