Twill-logistics is an initiative of Damco/Maersk that focuses on simplifying international freight transport. This innovative platform for freight forwarders is disrupting the logistics industry.

Since Twill operates in a market with conservative competitors, we have decided to put Twill’s innovative character at the center. This means that every webpage, video, animation and advertisement that we have made stands for a mix of disruption and professionalism.


To ensure that Twill’s digital solution would not be too far removed from what the freight industry was accustomed to, it was important to emphasize the human side of the company. To show that behind the innovative solution a large team of experts sat, we decided to photograph all 50 Twillers. So we gave a face to the company.


Because Twill’s dashboard is a unique addition to the freight transport industry, it’s important to explain this new concept as simply as possible. That is why we have created an extensive product video that combines familiar video images with an animation of the dashboard. This was an ideal way to bridge the gap between the known problems and the still unknown solution.


After setting up the digital base, we focused on attracting website visitors. For this we have actively tested multiple platforms. Think of social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, as well as search engine advertisements via Adwords. By means of A / B and multivariate tests we have been able to optimize both the platforms and the advertisements on the platforms.