To demonstrate the incompetence and lack of adjust during the current digital revolution we brought the ‘ICT-dino’ to life. The dino is a metaphor for IT architects in corporates who maintain systems in a poor and not state of the art way.

Second company supports with software development and makes sure your business runs smoothly with the latest developments. It the meteor that destroys the dino in your company.



To bring the dino alive we watched movies, clips and books to study the autonomy of a small t-rex. The next challenge is getting creating the creature with 3D animation and make sure that the texture, size and shapes are what they should be.

The next fase is putting the dino in to the scenes as realistic as possible. This means the light have to adjust, shadows are added, and actors must interact. With a cast (including actors) of 12 people and blood, sweat and tears of our animation team the dino is now grunting and your screen.


First scouting the perfect office location and making sure that we could use is a whole day was a challenge. When we accomplished this we scouted the right actors for the job.

Bringing them all together for one day shooting and making sure the set was ‘dino proof’. With clear instructions of our Thomas (head of film) and our RED camera it couldn’t have gone any better.