#1 popular app in the Netherlands after 2 weeks

BOTS is the newest kid on the block disrupting the trading and investment market. It is an automated trading app that combines the stability that automation gives and the witts of over numerous developers constantly feeding an AI algorithm. This Dutch fintech startup has literally just launched its first-ever big campaign after months and months of testing and preparing its app. The mother company, RevenYou, partnered with Refreshworks to adopt scientific growth marketing to optimize and learn from Day 1. Our task? Build a solid base on which this startup can consistently grow in the most financially efficient way. With as little as €50 account investment for users, our north star was making sure we get quality downloads for the lowest price! So how are we doing it? Given that the product and journey is fully digital, Swishfund approached Refreshworks to grow their business through the experiment loop. Our mission was to optimize the user journey from awareness to sales, learn what works best with the different audience segments, and build a trustworthy brand that people can rely on.


We supported the beta app launch with a drip-email campaign, prompting users to download the app, create an account, all the way to funding it. By actively being involved in the user journey from the get-go, our partnership with the client was completely growth-driven, and we just love that! With the app live, we launched a couple of videos to test the different USPs we identified in our research and optimized the big brand launch accordingly, together with the creative agency.


Having multiple touchpoints all leading to app download was crucial during the experimentation phase, and by coupling the power of algorithmic learning on Google, we unlocked the true power of online campaigns, reducing the cost of acquisition to below €1 in only the first few days of launch. In only the first week from launch, the BOTS app was already in the first top 10 financial apps on the App store and was trending on the Play Store only one day from launch. Talk about some mean marketing machine! We are so excited to take on the world with BOTS!