5 social media trends to keep in mind in 2022

Social media has become the backbone of online marketing. Depending on the target audience and the goal that brands want to achieve, social media can be a core part of their strategy. As a result, we wanted to highlight the top 5 trends you should know to develop a successful social media strategy. Here we […]

NIMA Marketing Day x Refreshworks

We are thrilled to announce that Refreshworks is attending NIMA Marketing Day as a sponsor of the event! June 16th, Utrecht: NIMA and MarketingTribune organise the 6th edition of NIMA Marketing Day for everybody living and breathing marketing. What is this event about? The Netherlands’ marketing festival, featuring marketing experts and entrepreneurs. True and honest stories about real […]

How can mindset affect entrepreneurship?

Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset Have you ever wanted to sing but lacked the natural talent? And what did you do then? Did you give up because you thought you couldn’t sing, or did you persevere and trained your skills? Depending on which of the two choices you made you have a fixed or a […]

How to build your buyer persona in four steps

What is a marketing persona? When talking about “buyer personas” in marketing we refer to an ideal customer for a business. Identifying what an average persona looks like, means for a business determining a winning marketing strategy. Once a marketer identifies the ideal persona, it is easy to retrieve the common needs and bring them […]

How is the issue of third-party cookies being addressed?

Third-party cookies have been discussed and threatened for years by browsers and government authorities worldwide. For marketers they represent the backbone of digital advertising, whereas for users seem to represent an intrusion to privacy. Third-party cookies and data sharing have long been a staple of internet marketing. For instance, sneaker adverts follow us from site […]

Playgrounds x Refreshworks

Visiting the Playgrounds at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven is an adventure every creative in the film or animation field needs to experience to get motivated and inspired by what industry-leading artists are doing. Our film and animation teams at Refreshworks were super psyched to experience the 3rd edition of Playgrounds The Art Department conference. There […]

Refreshworks got investment!

Exciting times at Refreshworks – We’re happy to announce that we signed with Simon Neefjes and Wim Hekstra, our newest investors! After months of meetings, discussions, and paperwork, it can be made official: we’ve made a growth leap. We’ve been operating for over 9 years in The Netherlands. We started as a motion graphics studio […]

Come and discover the ins and outs of Refreshworks.

That’s right, we’re taking you behind the scenes of some of our most rewarding and challenging projects and, we must say, it is a mix of sugar, spice, and everything nice. We’re in the business of helping others grow. Isn’t this the overarching purpose of our existence here on Earth? We do believe so. But […]